Being Good Enough

Five months ago by baby girl was born. These past few months have been a blend of beauty, fear, laughs, cries, peace, anxiety, happiness, sadness, confidence, self-doubt, calmness and panic. Underneath it all is a completely consuming LOVE that ties all these things together.

Day by day, moment by moment, things are changing. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, something happens and I need to find my way again. My baby now rolls, laughs, and talks (in baby language). She’s moved from sleeping in her bassinet next to me, to sleeping in a crib in her own room. (This was traumatic for me but I know good for her!) She really explores her world.  Toys, people, her toes, a leaf;  it’s all captivating and new for her. It’s the most incredible thing to observe her as she observes her world.

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The Invisible Mom Revealed

Right before I gave birth to Emily I was reading Shonda Rhimes book, A Year of Yes. It had the perfect tone for my a 9-months pregnant terrified self who was about to become a mom. I loved her powerful unapologetic voice and found tidbits of wisdom about motherhood that rang true.

I recently revisited the passages I highlighted in her book and found myself saying “YES!” out loud. As a new stay at home mom, I find myself often falling into the trap of becoming invisible. What I mean is, I convince myself I should be able to do it ALL on my own. Then suddenly before I realize it I, Jessica, have disappeared. I realize I am completely burnt out, exhausted, and haven’t even thought about myself in a long long time.

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Keepin It Real (kind of)

There’s this thing about social media. While it’s an amazing way to stay connected to one another, it can often take away our humanness and create an unrealistic portrayal of our lives. Through the lens of our social media pages, life can look perfect. The truth is, this image of perfection is never the reality. Every single person is much more complicated than that. We all have our layers, struggles, challenges, and good and bad days no matter how amazing we may look on our Instagram page. Isn’t it hard to remember that though? It’s so easy to compare.

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