Keepin It Real (kind of)

There’s this thing about social media. While it’s an amazing way to stay connected to one another, it can often take away our humanness and create an unrealistic portrayal of our lives. Through the lens of our social media pages, life can look perfect. The truth is, this image of perfection is never the reality. Every single person is much more complicated than that. We all have our layers, struggles, challenges, and good and bad days no matter how amazing we may look on our Instagram page. Isn’t it hard to remember that though? It’s so easy to compare.

I have a lot of friends and family who have no interest in posting on social media and I totally get it. I personally enjoy sharing photos, videos and stories. I am conscious of what I choose to post. If it makes me happy, maybe it will make others happy as well. If it inspires me, maybe it will inspire others too. It’s obviously not all selfless though; I genuinely enjoy all of the support and love I get back when I make a post. It makes me feel good and connected to other people.

I purposely don’t post complaints, rants or negativity because that’s not something I want to be spreading around. Does that mean I don’t complain, rant or act negatively? Of course not! I save that for the people closest to me (lucky them!)

When I post pictures of my daughter I think, “Is this a photo she may one day be embarrassed that I posted?” If there is even a question, I don’t post it. So that means the images I share are of smiles and adorable cuddles with her big dog-brother. At the same time, I don’t want to paint a fake picture of perfection where everything is always roses and things are never hard. She is human after all, so of course we have our crying, screaming and fussy times too. (Don’t we all?)

I guess what I’m trying to say is this- let’s all try to remember that even if it seems like someone has it all together, they don’t. No one does. That’s how we know we’re alive.

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