A Rare Occasion

Since Emily was born I can count on one hand the amount of times that I have had a morning go as planned. And guess what? Today was one of those mornings! I know it will probably not happen again for a very long time, so I figured I would celebrate by writing here.

By 9:30am I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do. I nursed Emily, we played, I fed her cereal and fruit for breakfast. Then I took a shower, and got her down for a nap (this one was huge!). Since it’s Sunday and my husband is home I was also able to bring Romeo (my Rhodesian Ridgeback and first baby) out for a walk, just us two. I’m pretty sure Romeo appreciated some alone time with is mama. Afterwards, I went out to get wrapping paper and a card for my sweet niece’s birthday party today. And to top of this chain of events, Emmy was still sleeping when I got home so I was able to write! I seriously feel like a superhero.

Even though all these things seem small, I feel so accomplished. I bet you others moms and dads out there can relate. It’s the little things right?

Side Note: I probably just jinxed myself by writing this. A morning like this may not happen again!


One thought on “A Rare Occasion

  1. Lol. This made me smile because now that my children are older I remember those days fondly but when I was going through it it was not fun. Taking a shower alone or talking to another grownup were always may favorite times. For our 5th anniversary my daughter was born a week before and we thought we would order a pizza and have a glass of wine. We ended up with peanut butter and jelly toast at 10 pm. We still laugh about it. It is definitely the little things that you accomplish that will get you through the days.


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