Finding “It”

Dear Emily,

I want you to know that I searched a long time for my purpose. Many times in my life I felt I was close to finding “it”-  to finding the thing I was meant to do, the thing that would bring me great success.

I created and performed in a dance company, went to film school, wrote a screen play, made movies, and taught dance to kids of all ages. I found my voice in teaching and spread yoga to hundreds of children and families in New York City and abroad. I loved my work.

All the while though, something was missing. So often I would feel like “it” was around the corner. I was really close and would soon arrive.

Then I became your mom.

It turns out all those things I did before, all that prep work, has led to me to you. Raising you is the truest and purest purpose I have ever felt. There is a confidence deep inside of me that has been sleeping all these years and it suddenly it woke up.

This place, this “It” is better than I ever could have imagined. And it’s all because of you.

I’ll love you forever,Em


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