The 10,000 Things You Need to Pack for a Trip with Baby

I am amazed by the amount of brain power, time and energy involved in packing for a weekend away with a baby! No longer can I just throw a few things in a suitcase and go. Oh no, now I must plan out each day and how each day may go meticulously. And even then, with all that effort, I’m bound to forget something!
This is a summary of what happens in my mind the days leading up to a weekend away.
“Okay so she needs…Clothes, PJs, sleep sacks, pack n play, sheets for pack n play, sound machine, monitor, diapers, wipes, toys, more diapers. Also bathing suits, swim diapers, a sun hat, pacifiers, food for breakfast lunch and dinner. Baby sun tan lotion. Baby spoons, bowls and cups. Baby carrier, travel high chair, breast pump and accessories and bottles. Stuff to clean breast pump, accessories and bottles. Baby travel bath, shampoo and soap. Baby comb and lotion. It may get chilly at night so some sweaters too. Hmm..Am I forgetting anything? Probably.”
Phew! Well so far so good. We made it out to Connecticut for labor weekend and it’s all been worth it. Even though my back is killing me from sitting in the back seat of our car between Emily and my 80 pound dog Romeo, I’m so glad we are here!
I think I sense an SUV in our near future. 

Arrived and relaxing

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