Attention Attention!

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I love this quote! It makes me think about attention spans. For years I taught babies and children and always thought younger children had shorter attention spans. While this was true in a structured setting (when I was leading a game or activity) I am now finding it’s not always the case. When Emily, my seven month old, is content and I watch her play and explore at her own pace it’s amazing!

She will play with wooden shapes for twenty minutes. She will hold each one, put each in her mouth, dump them all over the floor, and twist the shapes from side to side in her hands. My favorite is when she talks to the shapes! “Lalalala grrrr nanana!” Sometimes she also plays with her drum. She turns it over and looks inside the hollow bottom. She bites the sides of the drum and sometime bangs on it.

Obviously this kind of play doesn’t happen all the time. There are plenty of times when she just wants to be held or read to. I love observing her when she gets into her own groove like this though. It’s like I see her inner fire ignited like this quote says.

In the groove

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