NYC, I love you.

NYC is an amazing place. It’s vibrant, alive, and always on the move. Whatever you love to do, you can do it here. Whatever you want to see, you can see it here. I love living here and feel so blessed that this is where we are raising Emily. She sees all kinds of people, places (and dogs!) every single day. This includes many friendly and kind people; it also includes some angry and mean ones.
This morning we walked out of our building with Romeo on the way to the park. The air smelled like Fall and it was the perfect morning. Within seconds we heard the honking of a horn. This is not something uncommon to hear, especially at 8:30am during rush hour. Within seconds of that though we heard a man right next to me yelling, “Stop putting your hand on that horn in MY neighborhood you f*ckin’ sh*thead!” He went on to throw out multiple f bombs, telling about HIS neighborhood. Yikes, man!
I said to him, “Can you please stop cursing in front of my daughter?” as I held Emily’s ears. He didn’t hear me- probably a good thing- because who knows how he would have responded. He was totally seething with anger and even starting running towards to person honking their horn.
How ironic is it that this man was so angry about a horn honking in “his” neighborhood while he polluted the air of my neighborhood with his anger?
Anyway, it got me thinking. As Emily grows just as she’s going to meet and see many kind, loving people; she’s also going to meet and see people like that man. I wonder how I’ll handle it. What matter most I think is being present and handling each situation with kindness and grace whenever possible.
By the way- right after the incident of the angry man Emily watched about fifteen dogs running and playing freely in Riverside Park. She had front row seats to a REAL “dog party” like in one of her favorite books “Go Dog. Go!”
I love NYC. Even when a meanie tries to ruin our morning.

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