Five Tips for Walking Your Dog and Baby in the Cold

1. Bundle baby first. Put on her layers while on the changing table or else she will roll and wiggle over and over again trying to get away. Sing “skiddamarink” on repeat in order to distract her from the fact she is getting bundled up like a puffy snow man and won’t be able to move much.

2. Put on your dog’s coat. When he sees you grab it and tries to sneak away, hold tightly to his sides and slide the jacket on. Tell him, “trust me, you’ll thank me for this when you feel the air outside.”

3. Bundle yourself last. This is to avoid the excess heat while bundling above dependents. It’s hard enough getting them ready, no need to sweat and feel like you’re going to pass out on top of it.

4. Walk outside. When the wind is so cold and strong you can barely push the stroller the mantra “this too shall pass” is helpful. Then when you see that dude walking by in basketball shorts thank God you wore layers and aren’t that dumb.

5. Come back inside and reverse process. Take off your layers first, then the dogs and finally the baby’s. Distract yourself from the fact you have to repeat this same process in the afternoon.



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