Sticky Judgments

If judgment were a texture it would be sticky. It would be like the oatmeal I give to Emily in the morning.  I sometimes find some stuck on her cheek later in the day. I usually don’t even notice it’s there until I feel it, and then it takes a little effort to wipe it off. It does come off though.

Judgment is just like that pesky oatmeal!

This week I had a conversation with another mom. We have very different parenting styles and as I spoke to her I felt a twinge of judgment directed towards me. And, if I’m honest, I sent that twinge of judgement right back to her. I don’t think she agreed with what I said, and I certainly didn’t agree with what she said. We were polite and smiled and moved on.

That evening once Emily fell asleep and I had a moment to myself I noticed the lingering feeling of being judged. I doubted myself and my perspective. Then I sat with it for a while and noticed that yes, my perspective was different from hers, but it was right for me and for Emily.

There are so many ways to parent. Every mom is different. Every child is different. There is no way to fully understand the parenting choices of another, nor should I have to. All I can do is make the best decisions for myself, my daughter and my family- and when I notice some judgment stuck on me, I simply have to wipe it off and move on.


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