Looking In Awe

Our Christmas tree has been up for a few weeks, and Emily isn’t over its beauty. In fact, she seems to appreciate it more and more each day.

She points to it and says, “Hi!” and “Oooh!” She looks at it whenever we say “Christmas tree.” She loves to look at each ornament and even loves the pine needles. She’s been persistent in her efforts to eat the pine needles so she is definitely keeping us on our toes!

Each night we say goodnight to the tree, and each morning we say good morning to it when she wakes up. It really is beautiful all lit up in the morning before the sun has come up. Even when I’m not quite ready for the day yet, I can appreciate it!

Today I was watching her look at the tree as if it was the first time she saw it, and I thought, wow. What if we lived that way as adults? What if we saw beauty every single day in the things that are always around us?

Then I realized there is a place I always look to in absolute awe. I never get over the feeling of consuming love, and it gets stronger every day. It’s when I look at Emily.

A good friend just had her baby girl last night, and she told me she can’t stop watching her sleep. It felt like an obsession. I told her that feeling never goes away.

This holiday season I am so grateful for the love I have for Emily. It’s a love that has me asking things everyday like- Where did you come from?? Who made you? Did I really grow you in my belly? How can you possibly be THIS cute??

It is a love of which I will forever be in awe.





One thought on “Looking In Awe

  1. What a beautiful message….. Yes why do we adults think it is necessary to be adults….. No, I believe we can and we should be just like the child, we should embrace the inner child just like Emily.
    Loved each line, each word..

    Merry Christmas to you. 😊


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