Walking Beside Her

Every night as Em is winding down she does laps around the apartment. It’s like she’s walking off all her remaining energy. Tonight she kept grabbing my finger and leading me around with her. Even though I slept a lot last night I still felt so tired. I think that never ending tired feeling is just motherhood. 

Anyway, even though all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and not move, and even though my mind kept wandering to the veggie burger and fries I would order once she went to bed, every time she grabbed my finger I walked with her. I reminded myself that she won’t always want to walk with me. She won’t always want to bring me along into her world with her.

So, I thought- as long as she wants to bring me into her world, I will be there walking beside her.

One thought on “Walking Beside Her

  1. Yes, that’s I told the parents in my parenting classes when I worked as school district admin. “If they are still holding your hands, don’t let go.” When my daughter went to junior high, she wanted me drop her her one block away, so she walked to school by herself. She tried to establish her own identity!! But when she was little, she wanted me to hold her hand until she fell asleep, so I laid on the floor, reaching up my hand to hold her hand. Yes, tired after the whole day’s work. I see you have great smile on your face, so does your daughter!


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