Many Things All At Once

In the age of social media and insta-moms I think it’s important to remember we are all many things at once.

This means that yes, we can post authentic pictures of our children- adorable, happy, smiling- and love them with every fiber of our being. This also means that yes, we can whisper “what the f*ck” under our breath as our toddler has a twenty minute meltdown over not opening the front door herself (you might guess I speak from personal experience.😛)

This is just a friendly reminder that because a person’s Instagram profile or Facebook page don’t include the hard moments does not mean they aren’t happening.

“Your kids are so happy!” That’s true! But they are also human, and obviously have their struggles. I choose to write about my struggles because I don’t ever want anyone to feel alone or isolated, especially in parenthood. We are all in this together!

We are amazing multilayered and complicated human beings. We are having a human experience which is sometimes joyful sometimes painful and most times a messy mix of joy and pain. I never felt that more than when I became a mom. Just because a person’s life appears one way on their social media feeds does not mean that’s how it is day to day.

I think you know this already but just thought I’d remind you. 💜

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