Being Grown Up

I will never forget the feeling of elation when President Obama was elected. My best friend Beth and I were living in “Bethica’s treehouse” our cozy first ever grown up apartment in Clifton. That’s also the year Puddin’ came into our lives. She was a huge Obama supporter, as you can see! Puddin’ left this world a few months ago, way too soon. She is so missed.

I watched Oprah interview Michelle Obama a few weeks back and the thing that struck me the most was when Oprah asked how the First Lady was able to deal with all the criticism. She answered to the effect of- “well I’m a grown up.” I’m so frightened that being a grown up- someone who can handle criticism and other opinions with dignity and respect- is on the way out and immaturity, disrespect, and tantrums are on their way in. I hope I’m wrong.

President Obama said, “The path that this country has taken has never been a straight line. We zig and zag, and sometimes we move in ways that some people think is forward and others think is moving back.” I have to believe that even when we are zigging and zagging we inevitably are moving forward towards compassion, understanding, and peace.

Seeing the momentum of the Women’s March gives me hope. While I won’t be there, I’ll be watching, praying and believing that the passion of so many will keep us moving forward and not backward. Let’s make our sons and daughters proud and not give up the rights that others fought so hard to grant us.



For all the moms, dads and human beings


I woke up this morning feeling pretty damn good because Emily slept past 6am. Yahoo! Then I looked in the mirror, and here’s what I saw. I could not help but laugh. It’s okay, you can laugh too.

This one is for all the moms, dads and human beings out there wondering how some people seem to have it all together. I’ll let you in on a little secret… NO ONE does! To be human means to have days like today where I most definitely do not have it all together.

This photo is what happens when the only time I have to shower is after Emily has gone to bed, and then I am just too tired to do anything with my hair. Hellooooo world! Check ME out.

Today I am thankful for coffee, food delivery, and Emily’s cuteness which makes reading “Baby Babble” a thousand times in a row bearable. There is no one I’d rather read with while caffeinating myself up than you Miss Em!



Hellooo Toddlerhood!

It’s official, we have entered toddlerhood.

This morning as I tried to brush my teeth Emily repeatedly tried to grab the toilet wand. When I attempted to make breakfast she discovered how to open the kitchen drawers. Then, when I tried to sit down and pay bills, in a split second she grabbed Romeo’s rather large water bowl off the kitchen table (which had been placed there because she’s always trying to spill it) and she poured it all over her head.

This all happened before 8am.

I’m equally exhausted and amused! If this is only the beginning of her toddler shenanigans I can only imagine what is coming next. Oh how tired I am and oh how much I love her!

Post-Water Bowl Pour
Little mischief maker!

Onward to 2017

I type this with one hand as Emmy sleeps in my arms. To think a year ago she hadn’t even arrived! 

2016 started with the birth of our sweet baby girl which changed the course of our lives forever. Ten weeks later came our first nephew and godson Miles. 

By summer we settled into our new home. I watched my best friend marrying the love of her life, and saw our friends’ welcoming their baby girl, Aylya. The summer ended with the loss of my grandmother, the strongest woman I knew. 

Then came the birth of our friends’ baby boy, Lee. And the arrival of one of my oldest friend’s baby boy, Jake. Now the year ends with our nephew Preston Ryder arriving just in time!

There was so much new life! (Welcome also to Juliette and Gemma!) There was also death. There was LOVE. There was pain. There was everything in between.

To all of my family and friends near and far who have been so supportive this year as I settled into new motherhood, I love you! 

Nanna, I hope you’re watching us today and celebrating with us.
Farewell 2016! Onward to 2017. Let’s see what you may bring.

Mom Exhaustion & Love

I heard being a mom was exhausting but I never could have imagined the constant underlying tiredness that is always chasing me. Even after some sleep it’s still there. Today I found myself daydreaming about taking the worlds longest nap- just sleeping all day. Oh how amazing that would be! But now Emmy is taking a nap (praying it’s a long one!) and I’ve had my lunch and what do I do? I look at her picture.


Sticky Judgments

If judgment were a texture it would be sticky. It would be like the oatmeal I give to Emily in the morning.  I sometimes find some stuck on her cheek later in the day. I usually don’t even notice it’s there until I feel it, and then it takes a little effort to wipe it off. It does come off though.

Judgment is just like that pesky oatmeal!

This week I had a conversation with another mom. We have very different parenting styles and as I spoke to her I felt a twinge of judgment directed towards me. And, if I’m honest, I sent that twinge of judgement right back to her. I don’t think she agreed with what I said, and I certainly didn’t agree with what she said. We were polite and smiled and moved on.

That evening once Emily fell asleep and I had a moment to myself I noticed the lingering feeling of being judged. I doubted myself and my perspective. Then I sat with it for a while and noticed that yes, my perspective was different from hers, but it was right for me and for Emily.

There are so many ways to parent. Every mom is different. Every child is different. There is no way to fully understand the parenting choices of another, nor should I have to. All I can do is make the best decisions for myself, my daughter and my family- and when I notice some judgment stuck on me, I simply have to wipe it off and move on.


Five Tips for Walking Your Dog and Baby in the Cold

1. Bundle baby first. Put on her layers while on the changing table or else she will roll and wiggle over and over again trying to get away. Sing “skiddamarink” on repeat in order to distract her from the fact she is getting bundled up like a puffy snow man and won’t be able to move much.

2. Put on your dog’s coat. When he sees you grab it and tries to sneak away, hold tightly to his sides and slide the jacket on. Tell him, “trust me, you’ll thank me for this when you feel the air outside.”

3. Bundle yourself last. This is to avoid the excess heat while bundling above dependents. It’s hard enough getting them ready, no need to sweat and feel like you’re going to pass out on top of it.

4. Walk outside. When the wind is so cold and strong you can barely push the stroller the mantra “this too shall pass” is helpful. Then when you see that dude walking by in basketball shorts thank God you wore layers and aren’t that dumb.

5. Come back inside and reverse process. Take off your layers first, then the dogs and finally the baby’s. Distract yourself from the fact you have to repeat this same process in the afternoon.