A Baby’s Best Friend

In honor of Emily’s first birthday I put together a video of pictures and videos of her first year. It was difficult, to say the least! Digital photos gave me the advantage of having countless visual memories (and tears as I looked through them), and the disadvantage of being extremely overwhelmed! It’s pretty much impossible to edit down adorable memories as a mama.

I was able to find a few themes to organize the video. One was Emily and her best friend, our five year old dog (and first baby), Romeo.

I’ll be honest with you- Romeo is the best dog in the world. He’s the chillest dog I’ve ever met. He has not once barked when someone has rung the doorbell. His tail has two speeds- slow or medium, and he reserves those tail wags for very special occasions. He’s sensible, sweet and patient. Even though he sleeps most of the day, he is always game to play with his friends in the park or go for a ride in the car and go on an adventure. I’ve always loved him with all my heart, but seeing how sweet he is with our baby girl makes me appreciate him even more. In honor of Emily’s first birthday and her best friend, Romeo here’s Emily and her best friend through the year.

Yoga on a Crowded Mat (VIDEO)

I have so much fun making these videos, and this one is my favorite by far! I love how my dog Romeo spontaneously joined in on the fun. This practice included forward bends, hip openers, Rhodesian Ridgeback kisses, and dog/baby bonding. The end is the best. It seems both dog and baby enjoy the sound of OM!

Yoga with a baby on the move!

Now here’s where it gets really interesting- yoga with baby on the move! For me, this is the ultimate yoga practice. I try to find balance by doing poses on both sides whenever possible, and sometimes that just isn’t possible! This a perfect metaphor for motherhood. I feel like I’m constantly trying to find balance. Balance between flexibility and structure, self care and baby care, play time and work time. Sometimes I’m successful and other times not. Either way this little guru reminds me to BE HERE NOW. And that’s the whole point of it; yoga is now.

Vinyasa Yoga Sequence with Baby (VIDEO)

I was supposed to teach a yoga class this coming Saturday, but unfortunately it got postponed. I’m thankful for the opportunity still because it got me moving and sequencing and planning classes again. Emily joined me yesterday as I practiced.

I tried something new with this video and featured a few moments in real time with real sound when I thought Emily was particularly adorable! I hope you enjoy.

Gentle Yoga (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago I said I would be posting a new video every Monday. In theory it sounded like such a good idea! Life happened though, and the video goal didn’t happen. I do love making videos so will be posting them whenever inspiration (and the time to make them!) hits.

Here’s one I made yesterday. Emily has started to move and crawl so I know the time of having her lay stationary next to me while I practice is fleeting. I was glad to capture a laid back practice with my baby doing happy baby pose!